Crissy Stixx - Drums & Backup Vocals

The first time Crissy Stixx sat behind a kit was at 2 years old. Born and raised in Windsor ON, his Dad (who is also a drummer) knew putting Stixx behind a kit as early as possible would only benefit him. He was right. A technical perfectionist/ straight up animal behind the kit is what Crissy Stixx has become. What separates Crissy from the rest, is his unique style of cymbal chokes, patterns, and his high energy while playing live. Stixx studied classical percussion at the University of Windsor where he advanced his knowledge in musical theory and percussion techniques. Crissy spent 6 years in a local band gaining a lot of experience in the industry and shared the stage with international artists. The transition from his previous band to Löve Razër basically happened over night as he knew right away the music was perfect for his style. With his biggest influences being Tommy Lee, Steve Smith, and The Legend of Zelda, he now wants nothing more than to make big things happen with Löve Razër.