Our Story

High-Octane Canadian Rock ’n’ Roll is alive and well in Löve Razër, a band that isn't afraid of working hard, giving unforgettable stage shows, and looking like rockstars both on and away from the cameras. Löve Razër formed in May of 2015 with the musical mandate to modernize the flash and high energy of golden era rock bands like Motley Crue, Guns n Roses, Pantera and Skid Row with great new original songs that fans of all ages can relate to. "We're just a Hard Rocking band who look like Rockstars should look," says vocalist Sydney Snow, who alongside bandmates Micky Bonez, and Metal Mike are comfortable making their alter-egos into their primary personas, a move that has industry vets and music fans applauding. 

It all began with an online ad... Micky Bonez was looking for some help starting an 80's tribute band. Metal Mike answered the call and it wasn't long before they realized what they actually needed was to write original music.  After trying out countless singers with no luck, on the very day the online ad expired, someone replied saying to look no further. They laughed and didn't have high hopes. But one week later while setting up for rehearsal, Sydney Snow burst through the door without knocking and dropped the line: "Hey boys, I'm here to sing." Not only did he look the part, but his voice was the perfect fit.  It has been a tight brotherhood ever since with song ideas continually bouncing around between them.  

Just one year after forming, Love Razer won the Jack Daniel's Supporting Act Contest, providing them a budget to professionally record their 3-song EP "Rock 'n' Roll Addiction" and shoot 3 high-quality music videos. In 2018 they self-financed and released a follow-up full-length album ”Border City Rebels” which has earned them loyal fans in Hard Rock hotspots from Sweden and Germany to across North America. Locally, they have headlined shows in Ontario and Quebec, including a sold-out album release party in their hometown of Windsor, Ontario.  

While continuing to ship records and merch around the world, Love Razer has been privileged to share the stage with top touring acts Gilby Clarke, BulletBoys, Tracii Guns, Anvil, and Enuff Z’nuff.